Umpires2019 Umpires Assigned

June 26, 2019

Please take a moment with us to congratulate the Southeast Region Umpires that have been assigned to the 2019 Little League Senior Baseball Southeast Region Tournament.

  • Mike McCullough – Florida District 5
  • James Thompson – Florida District 6
  • Robert Weiner – Florida District 22
  • Ron Signore – Illinois
  • Donnie Caudill – Georgia District 8
  • Jeremy Chapman – North Carolina District 2
  • Aaron Springer – Virginia District 3
  • Keith Allison – West Virginia District 6

All umpires assigned to the Little League Senior Baseball Southeast Region Tournament are volunteers and are not paid or otherwise compensated for their time given to Little League Baseball. We appreciate their generosity and hope to see them in a Little League World Series some day!